About Us


Blue Engineering and Consulting (BLUE) is an engineering and consulting firm which specializes in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility design, siting, compliance, and safety. BLUE provides these services across the entire LNG industry which includes satellite LNG facilities, small-scale LNG production, bunkering facilities, fueling facilities, and world-class LNG import and export projects.

Our consultants have a long-standing reputation for their focus on the highest quality engineering services and offer reliable expertise with innovative thinking in a rapidly growing industry. Our consultants have also been at the forefront of the changing LNG industry, continuously evolving their skills to put themselves ahead of on-going changes and obstacles. This allows BLUE to provide a unique solution for each complex Project.

Our consultants work on numerous LNG projects across all phases of development. BLUE works for some of the largest development corporations in the world as well as some of the smallest private developers, showing the ability to be highly flexible and consistently deliver high quality work product on time and within budget.


BLUE prioritizes three core principles in our service offering:

  • Develop engineering designs which are technically sound and operator friendly.
  • Protect developers interest and ensure public safety.
  • Enhance designs which result in reliability and safety benefits.


BLUE is a small business that was formed based on the Owner’s Engineering model and principles.  BLUE is independent when it comes to technology providers, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractors, and other vendors.  This  allows BLUE to prioritize the client's needs and protect their interest and investment. 

BLUE has developed strong relationships with our clients thanks to our reputation for timely, on-budget completion and excellent customer service. BLUE also is extremely flexible in our service offering and can custom tailor support for any size client, project or budget.