• Baltimore, Maryland – May 15, 2019

    Blue Engineering and Consulting Company (BLUE), congratulates Filippo Gavelli for being re-appointed as a principal to the NFPA 59A technical committee and Phil Suter for being appointed his alternate!

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  • Baltimore, Maryland – March 18, 2019

    Blue Engineering and Consulting Company (BLUE), an LNG engineering and consulting firm, is excited to announce the addition of Bryant Hendrickson to the BLUE Team. As a licensed fire protection engineer with several years of experience as a senior engineer for the Authority Having Jurisdiction of a federal installation, Mr. Hendrickson strengthens the diverse expertise that BLUE offers the LNG industry. Mr. Hendrickson’s experience with managing the design, fabrication and installation of fire protection systems adds practical expertise to support the engineering design of fire protection systems.

    Mr. Hendrickson has conducted numerous LNG facility siting studies under both federal and state jurisdictions, and is skilled at developing mitigation strategies for dispersion of flammable and toxic gases, thermal radiation hazards, and overpressures. His expertise in the use of process hazard analysis software and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models will allow Mr. Hendrickson to bring added value to the exciting LNG projects BLUE is executing.

    “Bryant Hendrickson’s field experience and qualifications as a fire protection engineer add another valuable dimension to the BLUE team”, says Dr. Filippo Gavelli, Consultant.

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    Blue Welcomes Bryant Hendrickson
  • Baltimore, Maryland – September 11, 2018

    Blue Engineering and Consulting Company (BLUE), an LNG engineering and consulting firm, is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Filippo Gavelli.  Dr. Gavelli has over 15 years of engineering consulting experience and 25 years of experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling.  He applies his expertise to modeling the atmospheric dispersion of hazardous gaseous releases, and has extensive experience modeling hazard scenarios for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities, including vapor cloud dispersion, pool fires and vapor cloud deflagrations; his experience includes over 50 LNG installations worldwide, including onshore, offshore and floating (FLNG) facilities for LNG import, export (liquefaction) and peak shaving. 

    Dr. Gavelli is a member of the technical committees for NFPA 59A (standard for LNG facilities).  Dr. Gavelli is the lead author of several gas dispersion and explosion safety-related papers and has been a regular contributor to LNG-related technical committees and expert panels for several years. 

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    BLUE Welcomes Dr. Filippo Gavelli
  • Baltimore, Maryland – September 10, 2018

    Blue Engineering and Consulting Company (“BLUE”) is pleased to announce the completed launch of their new LNG engineering and consulting business.  “It’s been a very exciting first two months getting us ramped up to full speed,” said Phil Suter, Consultant with BLUE.  “It has been a lot of hard work from the BLUE team but the response and support from the LNG industry has been an incredible motivator.”

    BLUE specializes in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility design (feasibility, pre-FEED, and FEED), hazard analysis and siting studies, regulatory compliance, safety, and Owner’s Engineering services.  The BLUE team provides these services across the entire LNG industry including satellite LNG facilities, small-scale LNG production, bunkering facilities, fueling facilities, and world-class LNG import and export projects.

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    LNG Consultants Launch New Business