Hazard Analysis and Siting Studies

Our engineers and consultants are industry leaders in Hazard Analysis and Siting Studies. BLUE utilizes industry recognized modeling tools such as FLACS, Phast, KFX, FDS and LNGFIRE3 to perform all modeling in-house. We develop FERC, DOT PHMSA, or local jurisdictional Hazard Analysis Reports, Siting Studies, or Risk Assessments for land or marine based projects.

BLUE also has a proven history of developing site specific mitigation designs which can help Projects comply with complex regulatory requirements. Our consultants have worked on numerous FERC, DOT PHMSA and international LNG projects and can help Projects comply with the constantly evolving complex regulatory requirements.

Studies include:

  • Preliminary hazard analysis reports to confirm siting feasibility
  • Thermal radiation modeling from jet fires or pool fires
  • Vapor dispersion modeling for flammables, refrigerants, or toxics
  • Vapor cloud explosion overpressure modeling
  • Building Siting Analysis (API RP 752/753)
  • BLEVE modeling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Sandia Zones of Concern calculations
  • Asphyxiation modeling
  • Other Reliability and Safety Studies